Monolea Olive Culture

Monolea Olive Culture

Lesvos has more Olive trees per resident than any other place on earth & yet so many people know so little about this significant Olive Oil producing Island               
Our goal is to promote this culture by introducing you to one of the finest quality world class Olive Oils on the market today.

Our objective is to produce the finest quality olive oil from the olives we cultivate & harvest in our fields. We harvest our olives early in the season, usually between November & December depending on weather conditions. This is when the olives produce the best quality olive oil with the distinct Monolea aroma & fruity taste

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from a ‘Natural Blend’ of two types of olives (that we cultivate in out fields) Kolovi (a rare variety which is cultivated almost exclusively on Lesvos island) & the Adramatyni variety.

Whilst incorporating modern sustainable and ecologically sound farming practices wherever possible, we are committed to cultivating and harvesting our olives using traditional methods.
All the harvesting is by hand & the olives are pressed the same day & only fruit from the tree is used in our product, we never collect olives from the windfall on the ground.

No chemical fertilisers or chemical pesticides are used, only certified organic natural fertiliser is used for cultivating our trees