The Monolea Story

The Monolea Story

“Founded in 2014 by Richard Phillips, an Olive Oil Enthusiast from the UK who fell in love with the Olive oil of Lesvos which inspired him to create the Monolea Brand, & as they say… the rest is history”

A personal message from the founder of the Monolea brand

The inspiration to create the Monolea brand came in 2012 when I visited the island of Lesvos & tasted the unique flavour of the islands olive oil.

After my initial research I discovered the secret to the unique taste of the local oil is due to the high concentration of the “Kolovi” variety of olive which I discovered is cultivated  almost exclusively on Lesvos island & virtually nowhere else in the world.

This was exactly what I had been looking for! This inspired me to create a new brand of Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a brand that would establish a new level of excellence in the market.

In 2013 I purchased my first olive grove in south Lesvos, it had been virtually abandoned by its previous owner & set about bringing the field back to its former glory. This was the ideal choice because I knew the former owners had never used any non-organic products or fertilizers. Furthermore my new olive grove consisted mostly of ‘Kolovi’ olive trees, I also knew the combination of Kolovi & Adramytiani would produce (what I call) a ‘natural blend’ with a unique flavour.

The next two years was spent not only cultivating the trees & the land but developing the brand & image of the product to come. By 2014 I finally had the name & the concept and by 2015 I was confident the final brand design & logo was ready for the market.

In 2016 we received a silver award at the London International Olive Oil Competition. Later that year we entered the market with ‘’Monolea Classic’ & exported our entire production exclusively to a client in the U.A.E.

In March 2017 I was awarded official organic producer status, certified by Bio Hellas.

2018; Monolea Classic is featured in the ‘FLOS OLEI 2018’ A Guide to the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

2019 & Beyond; In future I intend to expand the Monolea product range with my local partners…. so watch this space!